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Picture of Rapid-X1 Printer

Rapid-X1 Printer

Integrating the revolutionary Memjet print engine technology, the RapidX1 is a roll to roll printer with a 12”(305mm) OD unwind and rewind capacity, 8½” wide 5 colour print head, optical sensor for pre-cut and stripped labels and maximum print resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi.

Individual colours will be available in 250ml containers to allow long runs without stopping to replenish ink.

Maximum web width is 220mm and minimum web width is 50mm.

 The RapidX1 is also capable of printing on continuous media without registration marks. Maximum print speed is 12 inches per second at 1600 x 800 dpi.

  • 220mm max web width - 3inch standard core
  • Simple to operate control panel
  • Optical sensors for pre-cut labels
  • All steel chasis construction
  • Rewind capacity of 305mm
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